DC Comics und Wildstorm Zeichner Oliver Nome verstorben - Jim Lee veröffentlicht Nachruf

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DC Comics und Wildstorm Zeichner Oliver Nome verstorben

DC Comics Künstler Oliver Nome ist im jungen Alter von 38 Jahren verstorben. Nome starb an einer fortgeschrittenen Art Gehirnkrebs, die ihm bereits vor einiger Zeit die Fähigkeit zu zeichnen nahm.

Olivers Schwester Linda veröffentlichte dessen privatem Facebook Profil folgendes Statement:


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Nome arbeitete bereits in früheren Phasen für den Wildstrom Verlag und später zusammen mit Jim Lee am MMO RPG „DC Universe Online“. Seine letzten veröffentlichten Arbeiten waren u.a. „Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy“ für Marvel oder auch „Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost“ für DC Comics.

Jim Lee selbst veröffentlichte über den DC Blog folgenden Nachruf:

Heartbroken to hear the passing of WildStorm artist Oliver Nome.  Oliver was one of the last artists to join the studio but his „origin story“ was one of the more unique, memorable ones.  Winner of a major talent contest we held during the early days of the internet, Oliver made his presence felt immediately, taking stage at a comic con panel with us in his first public appearance as the winner.  Appearing poised, charismatic and playful, he surprised us with his wit and confidence.

That same confidence was evident in his work, which combined a love for superhero comics, high fashion and textured, graphic design.  A tireless, hard worker—Oliver continued to deliver, taking on whatever project was placed on his drafting table, drawing late into the night and into the morning to make his deadlines.  He was part of the very small team of WildStorm artists whose work shaped and created the look for the „DC Universe Online“ massively multiplayer online game.  A five year project, it demanded a lot from every member of the concept art team, but Oliver’s versatility and speed were a Godsend.

His sense of humor, sharp wit and incisive social commentary also added new dimensions to the usual studio banter, and he was matchless in what we called „battle talk“—the playful jousting between artists over each other’s work and measure of talent.  He made us laugh, and truthfully, he made some cry.  He was fearless and inventive, courageous and colorful.  He was 33 when he was diagnosed with cancer back in May of 2012.

He fought valiantly for many years but realizing his time was soon to pass, he chose to return home to hospice care in the arms of his loving mother and sister.

With his passing, we can now only imagine the countless images he could have created, the untold stories he could have drawn.  But for those fortunate to have known him, we will always have the memories of his hilarious stories, his undying laughter and his impish, wistful smile.

Rest In Peace, Oliver—you will be missed.


Uns Fans bleibt leider nichts anderes übrig, als Olivers Familie und Freunden so viel Kraft wie nur möglich zu wünschen, dass sie diese schwere Zeit bestmöglich überstehen. Wir behalten Oliver für das in Erinnerung, was er am besten konnte - zeichnen:


(Picture Copyright: DC Comics)

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