#SDCC: Die Gewinner der EISNER AWARDS stehen fest

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#SDCC: Die Gewinner der EISNER AWARDS stehen fest
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#SDCC: Die Gewinner der EISNER AWARDS stehen fest

Wie üblich zur Comic Con in San Diego, wurden auch in diesem Jahr wieder die renommierten „Eisner Awards“ verliehen, welche gegenwärtig wohl als höchste Auszeichnung im Comic-Business gelten.

So konnten Tom King und David Finch mit „Good Boy“ den Preis für die beste Kurzgeschichte abräumen, Brian K. Vaughan und Fiona Staples wiederholt einen Preis für „Saga“, für die beste fortlaufende Serie (im Deutschen bei Cross Cult). Vaughan erhielt ebenfalls den Preis für den besten Autor sowie Staples den Preis für die beste Zeichnerin und auch beste Cover-Künstlerin.

Die von mir sehr geschätzte Mini-Serie „Vision“, von Tom King und Gabriel Hernandez Walta, erhielt den Preis für die beste limitierte Mini-Serie. Im Deutschen erschien die Reihe in zwei Bänden bei Panini Comics. „The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl“, von Ryan North und Erica Henderson, erhielt den Preis für die beste Publikation für Teenager im Alter von 13 bis 17. Der Comic erschien im Deutschen ebenfalls bei Panini Comics.

Die offizielle, vollständige Liste der Gewinner und Nominierten könnt ihr hier nachlesen:

Best Short Story

  • Good Boy” by Tom King and David Finch, in Batman Annual #1 (DC)
  • The Comics Wedding of the Century” by Simon Hanselmann, in We Told You So: Comics as Art (Fantagraphics)
  • The Dark Nothing ” by Jordan Crane, in Uptight #5 (Fantagraphics)
  • Monday,” by W. Maxwell Prince and John Amor, in One Week in the Library (Image)
  • Mostly Saturn,” by Michael DeForge, in Island Magazine #8 (Image)
  • Shrine of the Monkey God!” by Kim Deitch, in Kramers Ergot 9 (Fantagraphics)

Best Single Issue/One-Shot

  • Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In, by Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, and Jill Thompson (Dark Horse)
  • Babybel Wax Bodysuit,by Eric Kostiuk Williams (Retrofit/Big Planet)
  • Blammo #9, by Noah Van Sciver (Kilgore Books)
  • Criminal 10th Anniversary Special,by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Image)
  • Sir Alfred #3, by Tim Hensley (Pigeon Press)
  • Your Black Friend, by Ben Passmore (Silver Sprocket)

Best Continuing Series

  • Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Image)
  • Astro City, by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson (Vertigo/DC)
  • Kill or Be Killed, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Image)
  • The Mighty Thor, by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman (Marvel)
  • Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang (Image)

Best Limited Series

  • The Vision, by Tom King and Gabriel Walta (Marvel)
  • Archangel,by William Gibson, Michael St. John Smith, Butch Guice, and Tom Palmer (IDW)
  • Briggs Land,by Brian Wood and Mack Chater (Dark Horse)
  • Han Solo, by Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks (Marvel)
  • Kim and Kim,by Magdalene Visaggio and Eva Cabrera (Black Mask)
  • We Stand on Guard,by Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Skroce (Image)

Best New Series

  • Black Hammer, by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston (Dark Horse)
  • Clean Room, by Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt (Vertigo/DC)
  • Deathstroke: Rebirth, by Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, et al. (DC)
  • Faith,by Jody Houser, Pere Pérez, and Marguerite Sauvage (Valiant)
  • Mockingbird,by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk (Marvel)

Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8)

  • Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea, by Ben Clanton (Tundra)
  • Ape and Armadillo Take Over the World,by James Sturm (Toon)
  • Burt’s Way Home,by John Martz (Koyama)
  • The Creeps, Book 2: The Trolls Will Feast!by Chris Schweizer (Abrams)
  • I’m Grumpy (My First Comics), by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm (Random
  • House Books for Young Readers

Best Publication for Kids (ages 9-12)

  • Ghosts, by Raina Telgemeier (Scholastic)
  • The Drawing Lesson,by Mark Crilley (Ten Speed Press)
  • Hilda and the Stone Forest,by Luke Pearson (Flying Eye Books)
  • Rikki,adapted by Norm Harper and Matthew Foltz-Gray (Karate Petshop)
  • Science Comics: Dinosaurs, by MK Reed and Joe Flood (First Second)

Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17)

  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, by Ryan North and Erica Henderson (Marvel)
  • Bad Machinery, vol. 5: The Case of the Fire Inside,by John Allison (Oni)
  • Batgirl,by Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque (DC)
  • Jughead, by Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Derek Charm (Archie)
  • Monstress, by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda (Image)
  • Trish Trash: Roller Girl of Mars,by Jessica Abel (Papercutz/Super Genius)

Best Humor Publication

  • Jughead, by Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Derek Charm (Archie)
  • The Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp,by Lee Marrs (Marrs Books)
  • Hot Dog Taste Test, by Lisa Hanawalt (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Man, I Hate Cursive,by Jim Benton (Andrews McMeel)
  • Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump,by G. B. Trudeau (Andrews McMeel)

Best Anthology

  • Love Is Love, edited by Sarah Gaydos & Jamie S. Rich (DC/IDW)
  • Baltic Comics Anthology š! #26: dADa,edited by David Schilter and Sanita Muizniece (kuš!)
  • Island Magazine, edited by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios (Image)
  • Kramers Ergot 9, edited by Sammy Harkham (Fantagraphics)
  • Spanish Fever: Stories by the New Spanish Cartoonists,edited by Santiago Garcia (Fantagraphics)

Best Reality-Based Work

  • March (Book Three), by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell (Top Shelf)
  • Dark Night: A True Batman Story,by Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso (Vertigo/DC)
  • Glenn Gould: A Life Off Tempo,by Sandrine Revel (NBM)
  • Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir,by Tom Hart (St. Martin’s)
  • Tetris: The Games People Play,by Box Brown (First Second)

Best Graphic Album—New

  • Wonder Woman: The True Amazon by Jill Thompson (DC Comics)
  • The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye,by Sonny Liew (Pantheon)
  • Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash,by Dave McKean (Dark Horse)
  • Exits,by Daryl Seitchik (Koyama)
  • Mooncop,by Tom Gauld (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Patience,by Daniel Clowes (Fantagraphics)

Best Graphic Album—Reprint

  • Demon, by Jason Shiga (First Second)
  • Incomplete Works,by Dylan Horrocks (Alternative)
  • Last Look,by Charles Burns (Pantheon)
  • Meat Cake Bible,by Dame Darcy (Fantagraphics)
  • Megg and Mog in Amsterdam and Other Stories,by Simon Hanselmann (Fantagraphics)
  • She’s Not into Poetry,by Tom Hart (Alternative)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material

  • Moebius Library: The World of Edena, by Jean “Moebius” Giraud et al. (Dark Horse)
  • Equinoxes, by Cyril Pedrosa, translated by Joe Johnson (NBM)
  • Irmina,by Barbara Yelin, translated by Michael Waaler (SelfMadeHero)
  • Love: The Lion, by Frédéric Brémaud and Federico Bertolucci (Magnetic)
  • Wrinkles,by Paco Roca, translated by Erica Mena (Fantagraphics)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia

  • The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye,by Sonny Liew (Pantheon)
  • Goodnight Punpun, vols. 1–4, by Inio Asano, translated by JN PRoductions(VIZ Media)
  • orange: The Complete Collection,vols. 1–2, by Ichigo Takano, translated by Amber Tamosaitis, adaptation by Shannon Fay (Seven Seas)
  • The Osamu Tezuka Story: A Life in Manga and Anime,by Toshio Ban and Tezuka Productions, translated by Frederik L. Schodt (Stone Bridge Press)
  • Princess Jellyfish,vols. 1–3 by Akiko Higashimura, translated by Sarah Alys Lindholm (Kodansha)
  • Wandering Island, vol. 1, by Kenji Tsuruta, translated by Dana Lewis (Dark Horse)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips (at least 20 years old)

  • Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, Colorful Cases of the 1930s,edited by Peter Maresca (Sunday Press)
  • Almost Completely Baxter: New and Selected Blurtings,by Glen Baxter (NYR Comics)
  • Barnaby, vol. 3, by Crockett Johnson, edited by Philip Nel and Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)
  • The Realist Cartoons,edited by Paul Krassner and Ethan Persoff (Fantagraphics)
  • Walt & Skeezix 1931–1932,by Frank King, edited by Jeet Heer and Chris Ware(Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books (at least 20 Years Old)

  • The Complete Wimmen’s Comix, edited by Trina Robbins (Fantagraphics)
  • The Complete Neat Stuff,by Peter Bagge, edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)
  • Fables and Funnies,by Walt Kelly, compiled by David W. Tosh (Dark Horse)
  • Trump: The Complete Collection,by Harvey Kurtzman et al., edited by Denis Kitchen and John Lind (Dark Horse)
  • U.S.S. Stevens: The Collected Stories, by Sam Glanzman, edited by Drew Ford (Dover)

Best Writer

  • Brian K. Vaughan, Paper Girls, Saga, We Stand On Guard (Image)
  • Ed Brubaker, Criminal 10th Anniversary Special, Kill or Be Killed, Velvet (Image)
  • Kurt Busiek, Astro City (Vertigo/DC)
  • Chelsea Cain, Mockingbird (Marvel)
  • Max Landis, Green Valley (Image/Skybound), Superman: American Alien (DC)
  • Jeff Lemire, Black Hammer (Dark Horse); Descender, Plutona (Image); Bloodshot Reborn (Valiant)

Best Writer/Artist

  • Sonny Liew, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (Pantheon)
  • Jessica Abel, Trish Trash: Roller Girl of Mars (Papercutz/Super Genius)
  • Box Brown, Tetris: The Games People Play (First Second)
  • Tom Gauld, Mooncop (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Tom Hart, Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir (St. Martin’s)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team

  • Fiona Staples, Saga (Image)
  • Mark Brooks, Han Solo (Marvel)
  • Dan Mora, Klaus (BOOM!)
  • Greg Ruth, Indeh (Grand Central Publishing)
  • Francois Schuiten,The Theory of the Grain of Sand (IDW)
  • Brian Stelfreeze, Black Panther (Marvel)

Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art)

  • Jill Thompson, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon (DC); Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In (Dark Horse)
  • Federico Bertolucci, Love: The Lion (Magnetic)
  • Brecht Evens, Panther (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Manuele Fior, 5,000 km per Second (Fantagraphics)
  • Dave McKean, Black Dog (Dark Horse)
  • Sana Takeda, Monstress (Image)

Best Cover Artist (for multiple covers)

  • Fiona Staples, Saga (Image)
  • Mike Del Mundo, Avengers, Carnage, Mosaic, The Vision (Marvel)
  • David Mack, Abe Sapien, BPRD Hell on Earth, Fight Club 2, Hellboy and the BPRD 1953 (Dark Horse)
  • Sean Phillips, Criminal 10th Anniversary Special, Kill or Be Killed (Image)
  • Sana Takeda, Monstress (Image)

Best Coloring

  • Matt Wilson, Cry Havoc, Paper Girls, The Wicked + The Divine (Image); Black Widow, The Mighty Thor, Star-Lord (Marvel)
  • Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Green Valley (Image/Skybound)
  • Elizabeth Breitweiser, Criminal 10th Anniversary Special, Kill or Be Killed, Velvet (Image);
  • Outcastby Kirkman & Azaceta (Image/Skybound)
  • Sonny Liew,The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (Pantheon)
  • Laura Martin, Wonder Woman (DC); Ragnorak (IDW); Black Panther (Marvel)

Best Lettering

  • Todd Klein, Clean Room, Dark Night, Lucifer (Vertigo/DC); Black Hammer (Dark Horse)
  • Dan Clowes, Patience (Fantagraphics)
  • Brecht Evens, Panther (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Tom Gauld, Mooncop (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Nick Hayes, Woody Guthrie (Abrams)
  • Sonny Liew,The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (Pantheon)

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism

  • The A.V. Club comics coverage, including Comics Panel, Back Issues, and Big Issues, by Oliver Sava et al., www.avclub.com
  • Comic Riffs blog, by Michael Cavna, www.washingtonpost.com/new/comic-riffs/
  • Critical Chips,edited by Zainab Akhtar (Comics & Cola)
  • PanelPatter.com, edited by Rob McMonigal
  • WomenWriteAboutComics.com, edited by Megan Purdy and Claire Napier

Best Comics-Related Book

  • Krazy: George Herriman, A Life in Black and White, by Michael Tisserand (Harper)
  • blanc et noir: takeshi obata illustrations,by Takeshi Obata (VIZ Media)
  • Ditko Unleashed: An American Hero,by Florentino Flórez and Frédéric Manzano (IDW/Editions Déese)
  • The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood,vol. 1, edited by Bhob Stewart and J. Michael Catron (Fantagraphics)
  • More Heroes of the Comics,by Drew Friedman (Fantagraphics)

Best Academic/Scholarly Work

  • Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation,by Carolyn Cocca (Bloomsbury)
  • Brighter Than You Think: Ten Short Worksby Alan Moore, with essays by Marc Sobel (Uncivilized)
  • Forging the Past: Set and the Art of Memory,by Daniel Marrone (University Press of Mississippi)
  • Frank Miller’s Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism,by Paul Young (Rutgers University Press)
  • Pioneering Cartoonists of Color,by Tim Jackson (University Press of Mississippi)

Best Publication Design

  • The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye,designed by Sonny Liew (Pantheon)
  • The Complete Wimmin’s Comix, designed by Keeli McCarthy (Fantagraphics)
  • Frank in the Third Dimension, designed by Jacob Covey, 3D conversions by Charles Barnard (Fantagraphics)
  • The Realist Cartoons,designed by Jacob Covey (Fantagraphics)
  • Si Lewen’s Parade: An Artist’s Odyssey, designed by Art Spiegelman (Abrams)

Best Webcomic

  • Bird Boy, by Anne Szabla, http://bird-boy.com
  • Deja Brew,?by Teneka Stotts and Sarah DuVall (Stela.com)
  • Jaeger, by Ibrahim Moustafa (Stela.com)
  • The Middle Age, by Steve Conley, steveconley.com/the-middle-age
  • On Beauty, by Christina Tran,? sodelightful.com/comics/beauty/

Best Digital Comic

  • Bandette, by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover (Monkeybrain/comiXology)
  • Edison Rex, by Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver (Monkeybrain/comiXology)
  • Helm, by Jehanzeb Hasan and Mauricio Caballero, www.crookshaw.com/helm/
  • On a Sunbeam,by Tillie Walden, www.onasunbeam.com
  • Universe!, by Albert Monteys (Panel Syndicate)

(Picture Copyright: SDCC)

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