US-Markt: DC Comics kündigt zwei neue Grant Morrison Omnibus-Sammelbände an: „Seven Soldiers“ und „Batman“

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US-Markt: DC Comics kündigt zwei neue Grant Morrison Omnibus-Sammelbände an: „Seven Soldiers“ und „Batman“

US-Markt: DC Comics kündigt zwei neue Grant Morrison Omnibus-Sammelbände an: „Seven Soldiers“ und „Batman“

Im kommenden Jahr soll Grant Morriosons Arbeit für DC Comics mit zwei neuen, umfangreichen Omnibus-Sammelbänden gewürdigt werden: „Seven Soldiers“ sowie sein viel diskutierter Run zu „Batman“.
Die „Seven Soldiers“ Ausgabe wird mit üppigen 792 Seiten auflaufen und im August zum Cover-Preis von 75 US Dollar erscheinen. Der „Batman“ Band wird bereits im Juli kommen und einen Coverpreis von 125 US Dollar aufweisen, mit insgesamt 1.000 Seiten Material. Der genaue Inhalt zur „Batman“ Ausgabe wurde jedoch noch nicht verraten.

Soli-Text zum „Seven Soldiers“:

Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison Omnibus
Grant Morrison, J.H. Williams III (Illustrated by), Ryan Sook (Illustrated by), Cameron Stewart (Illustrated by)

On sale 21st August, $75, 792 pages

Grant Morrison’s epic and ambitious SEVEN SOLDIERS saga is collected here in its entirety for the first time ever!

SEVEN SOLDIERS is an epic tale of life, death, triumph and redemption that explores the nature of heroism and sacrifice. Featuring seven heroes: the Shining Knight, the Guardian, Zatanna, Bulleteer, Frankenstein, Mister Miracle and Klarion the Witch Boy. Independently, each of these characters is featured in a story that redefines their purpose in the DC Universe. But their stories also interweave with the others, telling a grander story of a devastating global threat to mankind. Together, these reluctant champions must work together to save the world from the insidious threat of the invading Sheeda warriors—without even meeting one another.

With art from one of the greatest group of illustrators ever collected, including J.H. Williams III, Ryan Sook, Cameron Stewart, Yanick Paquette, Doug Mahnke and more, this massive omnibus collection brings together one of the most ambitious projects in DC history. Collects SEVEN SOLDIERS #0-1, SEVEN SOLDIERS: SHINING KNIGHT #1-4, SEVEN SOLDIERS: GUARDIAN #1-4, SEVEN SOLDIERS: ZATANNA #1-4, SEVEN SOLDIERS: KLARION THE WITCH BOY #1-4, SEVEN SOLDIERS: MISTER MIRACLE #1-4, SEVEN SOLDIERS: BULLETEER #1-4 and SEVEN SOLDIERS: FRANKENSTEIN #1-4.

Soli-Text zum „Batman“ Omnibus:

Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1
Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert (Illustrated by), Tony Daniel (Illustrated by)
10 July 2018 $125.00, 1000 pages

The New York Times bestselling tales of Batman by Grant Morrison are now collected in their entirety in this oversize omnibus edition!

One of the greatest storytellers of his generation, Grant Morrison’s arrival onto the Dark Knight was one of the most hyped debuts in industry history. This collection includes time-spanning epic graphic novels featuring the cataclysmic events of FINAL CRISIS and the introduction of Batman’s son, Damian Wayne! These blockbuster stories featured a deconstruction of super hero comics like never before, with challenging, thought-provoking takes on the modern, four-color icons.

(Picture Copyright: DC Comics)

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