Stefan Gutternighs THE COMMON GOOD mit zweiter Ausgabe auf Kickstarter gestartet

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Stefan Gutternighs THE COMMON GOOD mit zweiter Ausgabe auf Kickstarter gestartet

Der österreichische Comickünstler Stefan Gutternigh konnte mit „Pest 1435“ und „The Common Good“ zwei erfolgreiche Projekte auf Kickstarter finanzieren.

Nun soll letztgenanntes sogar eine Fortsetzung spendiert bekommen, wobei die neue Kampagne zum satirischen Cyberpunk-Comic noch ganze 26 Tage laufen soll, um das Finanzierungsziel von 2.200 Euro zu erreichen.

Hier geht’s zur Kampagne

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Beschrieben wird die Story vom Macher selbst wie folgt:

Following last years successful Kickstarter campaign the story of agent Cindy Karuso of „The Global Organisation for the Common Good“ continues. In 2035 the „GOCG“, a totalitarian world government, is monitoring the desires of its citizens with social media, omnipresent cameras, surveillance drones and body implants. It‘s intention might be to improve peoples lifes, but can happiness really be regulated by law? After all, it‘s not systems that rule people, it‘s people that rule people.

Rulers need enforcers, one of them is agent Cindy Karuso. After dealing with the somewhat difficult client Mr. Berger in „The Common Good“ part 1, Cindy has earned her mandatory winter happy holidays with her boyfriend Ben and their yet to be named external pregnancy backpack. After a romantic night is ruined by buggy implanted pad software and their self driving car refuses to stop to let her pee, Cindy slowly begins to question the benefits of omnipresent technology. Her vacation is cancelled when her boss sends her on a mission in the middle of the night.

(Picture Copyright: Stefan Gutternigh)

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