DSTLRY kündigen neue Titel an - u.a. von Brian Azzarello, Chip Zdarsky und anderen

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DSTLRY kündigen neue Titel an - u.a. von Brian Azzarello, Chip Zdarsky und anderen

Der noch recht junge, aber mit bekannten Stars besetzte Indie-Kleinverlag aus den Staaten - DSTLRY - hat mal eben auf einen Schlag drei hochkarätige, neue Comicreihen angekündigt.

Als Kreative hat man u.a. wieder Brian Azzarello, diesmal auch Chip Zdarsky, Stephanie Phillips und auch Ryan Stegman an Bord. Alle drei Mini-Serien sollen noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen.

So schreiben Azzarello und Phillips zusammen an der Sci-Fi-Story „Life“, welche von Danijel Žeželj („Nostalgia“) und Kolorist Lee Loughridge („Somna“, „Deadly Class“) visualisiert werden soll.

Vom Verlag wird der Comic wie folgt beschrieben:

In the future, a death penalty will be considered an act of kindness, as covert experiments have forced criminals with multiple life sentences to live all their time to full term. For the “Casanova Killer,” that means living out the nearly 2,400 years of his 32 life sentences mining on a distant prison planet alongside some of humanity’s most heinous offenders. Years pass…

Decades turn to centuries, abandoned, the prisoners are shocked to see a ship approaching, filled with thieves hoping their next big score is on the planet’s long-dead mine. They have no idea that the prisoners are still alive. While the prisoners scheme to find a way off planet, the thieves plan the biggest score of their careers.

Jede Ausgabe der Reihe soll ein Flip-Book sein, wodurch man in jedem Heft die Geschichte aus zwei verschiedenen Perspektiven lesen können soll.


Zeichner Ryan Stegman (u.a. „Venom“, „Superior Spider-Man“, „Vanish“) tritt für „The Missionary“ als Autor auf und wird von Zeichner Jason Howard („Batman“, „Trees“, „The Astounding Wolf-Man“) unterstützt.

Der Horror-Comic wird vom Verlag wie folgt beschrieben:

Bryce Hunter is a devoutly religious man whose faith is shattered when he catches his wife being... intimate with an Elder from his church. This harrowing event sends Bryce spiraling into the hands of a demonic entity named Uvydus, ...

Instead of rejecting possession, Bryce ACCEPTS Uvydus. Bryce wants to learn to be “bad” and Uvydus wants to be “less than completely evil.” But before Bryce can use this new partnership to finally live a little, the world’s greatest Exorcist sees Bryce as his greatest challenge. But that’s not even the worst of it as a murderous group of demons breaks free from Hell and threatens to re-shape earth into a kingdom over which they rule!

The combination of Bryce and Uvydus allows Bryce to manifest demonic powers to fight both the EVIL and GOOD forces who want him destroyed. The fate of eternity hangs in the balance as Bryce and Uvydus must fight to not just survive but reconcile their opposite natures and become The MIssionary.

An action-packed story that features demons, gun battles, and a friendship for the ages.


Autor Chip Zdarsky tut sich mit Zeichner David Brothers und Marcus To zusammen, um die erste seiner 4 angekündigten DSTLRY Mini-Serien zu veröffentlichen: „Time Waits“

Das Sci-Fi-Abenteuer wird vom Verlag wie folgt beschrieben:

Meet Blue, a man trapped in the past, which is our present. Sent back in time for a mission he could not bring himself to complete, the former soldier Blue builds a life with Grace, the Sheriff of a small rural town. The pair build a foundation of happiness on a history of bloodshed, as far away from the trigger-happy corporate overlords that used Blue as a human gun.

After ten years together, Blue and Grace are on the cusp of taking the next step in their relationship: adoption. Before Grace can fully convince Blue to expand their family, the future comes calling. The overlords want their first deserter and to complete the mission Blue could not. They have one simple rule: kill anyone who stands in their way.

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