Mike Mignola mit Statement zum Thema Scott Allie & den Missbrauchsvorwürfen

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Mike Mignola mit Statement zum Thema Scott Allie & den Missbrauchsvorwürfen
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In den vergangenen Tagen und Wochen bechäftigte sich die Netz-Community der Comicszene vor allem mit Vorwürfen sexuellen Missbrauchs und sexualisierte Gewalt gegenüber Frauen, ausgehend von Künstlern und Comic-Pros in Nordamerika.

Mit dem Fall des ehemaligen Dark Horse Comics Redakteurs und Autoren Scott Allie wurde zuletzt ein besonders heftiger Vorwurf laut, den dessen ehemalige Redaktionskollegin Shawna Gore nun publik machte.

Die schnellen Reaktionen von Künstler:innen und des Verlages selbst auf die Vorwürfe legten nahe, dass dies kein sonderlich unbekanntes Thema in Bezug auf Allie war.

Langzeit-Kollege und „Hellboy“ Schöpfer Mike Mignola, dessen Titel viele Jahre von Allie als Redakteur und teilweise auch als Co-Autor betreut wurden, veröffentlichte nun auf seiner Webseite ein Statement zur Situation, welches ich hier meinerseits unkommentiert darstelle.

About Scott Allie—

Scott was my second editor on the Hellboy series at Dark Horse. He was only meant to be my temporary editor, just for the one comic (THE CORPSE) and a more senior editor was supposed to take over after that. But, as the story goes, he saved me from making a rather big mistake on that one comic and I requested that he stay on as my regular editor, and we ended up working together for something close to 25 years.

From the earliest days I heard stories of his drunken behavior at conventions—stupid stuff like jumping fully clothed into fountains. It was joked about and I was not aware that there was anything at all more serious going on.

The drunken incident in 2015 made it clear that there was a much more serious problem that needed to be dealt with. I spoke to him about it. Others spoke to him about it. He agreed that the drinking was a problem and we were all led to believe he was getting help for that. And to the best of my knowledge he DID get help for the drinking problem.

Around this time I started to hear rumors of other past incidents—alcohol-fueled behavior that seemed limited to drunken, juvenile pranks. There was nothing specific and I never heard the names of any specific persons involved in these other incidents. I continued to write these off as just more of his stupid drunken episodes. I became aware that some people did not like working with Scott. While our working relationship had always been good I know his editorial style could be aggressive and off-putting and I honestly believed this, coupled with the past drinking problem, was the reason for the trouble. The truth of course is that after a very long and very productive working relationship I did not want to believe there was anything more to these stories. I was blind because I wanted to be blind and that’s on me and it’s something I have to live with.

After the news about Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis broke last week, Scott’s name started to bubble up on social media again. Until yesterday I had never heard about Scott’s assault of Shawna. I wish I had known. I understand there are many reasons why no one would approach me with something like that—the shame and embarrassment of course and, sadly the perception that Scott and I were good friends. Had I heard any of what I’ve heard in the last 24 hours I would have severed all contact with Scott Allie at once.

But where there is smoke there is almost always fire and after a while there was so much smoke—clearly I had to finally take a hard look at the situation, had to contact some friends and associates, people who had been close to Scott and find out what had really been going on—and I was horrified but what I started to hear. I wish I had asked this questions much sooner. After so many years I wanted to give Scott the benefit of the doubt—as the son of an alcoholic I wanted to blame the booze. I was fooling myself and I will regret that forever. My heart goes out to all his victims. And Shawna—I have known Shawna almost as long as Scott and have always considered her a good friend-- and now to discover that she has been living with this all these years -- I am heartbroken. And of course I am furious at Scott and at myself for not realizing what was going on so much sooner.

I’m writing this now because I need to address Scott’s victims. Their stories need to be heard. They need to be believed.

Comics need to do better. We all need to be more accountable. All companies need to have responsive HR departments. Companies need to recommend training about what to do when they hear about assault, harassment, or inappropriate behavior from co-workers or colleagues.

As a creator I need to do better, I need to set a better example, both in the stories I tell and the people I choose to tell them with.


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andreas homolka
andreas homolka
26. Juni 2020 10:15

Mignola trifft es auf den Punkt.

26. Juni 2020 9:42

Sehr ehrlich.

*Danke für die gute Berichterstattung!